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Whenever the high net-worth investors and the small businesses/general individual investors conflict, the high net-worth investors win.  Why? Because the game is rigged against you: banks have a system to keep you trapped in a never-ending debt loop, and the high net-worth investors feed off you, your work and your savings, whenever you turn to conventional markets to try to get ahead in life.


So, imagine if you're able to mimic the high net-worth investors’ approaches to always create riches in a game that you can't ever lose?

Think about it. Banks and very large hedge funds have access to such large pools of money, that they can literally move markets and asset prices up and down—drowning average investors like you in the process. They also partner with each other to corner the market, exchanging benefits that always stay within their closed networks of privilege and power. It isn’t much you can do about it if you’re on your own…


However, what if you could be part of a similar market-moving pool of capital that uses the power of the crowd to help you win... every time?


That really is what CryptoPoolMirror is going to do for you.  This exclusive set of member-only is intended to leverage the capability of joint trading activities to either benefit each member predicated on cooperation alone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of capital—the greatest capital of Crypto Pool Mirror is discipline, collaboration, the network effect, and the pool of money and focus that each individual member brings to the table.


CPM stands for CryptoPoolMirror. Its goal is to create a substantial impact on the world market by enabling the realization of hundreds of thousands of projects spread all around the globe. Helping develop commercials and individual projects throughout the blockchain technology will allow opportunities for everyone, ease access to expertise and knowledge without the limit of the fiat currency, the exorbitant fees and centralization of the actual global system set up.


CPM provided this brand-new platform, including a heart aim for providing an ultimate application for those looking for funding for the realization of their organizations and/or individuals' lifetime projects. It is built purely as a private and exclusive infrastructure for visionaries who expect to get a global impact using their endeavors and with the help of a very advanced and accessible economic freedom solution system. It will help start-ups obtain funds through asset tokenization to operate quicker and offer their own contribution to the world (by job creation, problem-solving solutions, new resources, and so forth).

If people have a hard time understanding the idea of Blockchain, it might be even harder to understand the concept of ICO platforms. Yet, in fact, it's relatively simple. It is the junction between associations needing capital and potential investors looking for viable businesses, usually in the form of shares. This innovative tokenization of assets, proposed by CPM, combines demand and supply in a very creative and distinctive format.

All assets gain value through their collaterals, demand and usage. CPM is a BVI-based legal entity that operates under the assumption that most of the assets such as real estate, stocks, agriculture lands, etc. will be in the future tokenized. Thus, we can state that CPM has been establishing its own roots before the collective transition. Offering you a distinctive advantage that will gain its value with the combination of multiple IPO's, services provided, venture investments and innovations.


Although the CPM is a community-based project  and has no owner, it is managed by a group of qualified and reputable individuals who are committed to its success. This committee is made up of volunteer members, and private partnership (international bankers, lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, project managers, KYC firms, consultants, etc.)

Foundation of Our Success

Our Advisory Board


Just like large “high net-worth investors funds”, with Crypto Pool Mirror, you’ll also have the chance to profit from crypto markets moving in certain directions that will benefit you and the other group members that will create this market-moving trading tide.


Making the Crowd Work For You—Endlessly!

The Right Combination For a Guaranteed Result


Crypto Pool Mirror will only work because the right number of members will be in—no more, no less. That’s why CPM works only through invitations to ensure that we reach the perfect number of members for the system to work smoothly.

MLM Rewards: 

Inspired by the smartest and most efficient MLM systems, the Crypto Pool Mirror community will have a rewards' system for members who bring other members into the community. By onboarding other members who want to create this tide alongside us, you’ll earn CPM coin rewards.

Motivation to Build a Community: 

This is not just about believing that the small businesses and/or general individual investors can and should be at the same level as the high net-worth investors. The real power in in the community, by encouraging exchange of knowledges, technologies, expertise without the limitation that regular individual would normally face.

The Network Effect: 

Something is valuable if enough people treat it as valuable. Any project that Crypto Pool Mirror will jump into will benefit from the network effect: if the community buys or sells asset XYZ, its appreciation or depreciation and the gains resulting from it will be influence by the network producing that effect. Guess what? One of the successful members of that network will be you!

The Win-Win Insurance

Every member will feel equally encouraged to participate in this organized cycle of wealth creation because everyone in the community knows that everyone wins only when everyone collaborates to create this shared outcome. In other words, each member wins when all other members win, which creates a true win-win proposition that rewards collaboration and relies on it.

This Wealth-Creation Train Is Leaving The Station


Yes, this is a limited-time offer. The power of this community and its clever tactics lies in its closed and limited membership. That’s why Crypto Pool Mirror is only accepting invitation-only members during the pre-launch.

Our affiliate network is finite because we’ll all do so much better if we’re a controlled number of limited members acting for our own shared benefit. This means you won’t have to spend all your time trying to bring other people into the community—with CPM, the opportunity to onboard other members is NOW and ENDING SOON!

Yes, this train is leaving the station, so make sure you come aboard and bring in those you care about as well—to allow them to also enjoy the kind of wealth that only this kind of smart crowd-powered tactics can deliver!

How did the CPM Project come about?

Throughout the past few years, many initiatives have disrupted how people raise funds, trade, and generate money online like crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, and multi-level marketing.


Before crowdfunding came to being, bank cards, credit cards, loved ones, bank loans and personal savings were the most dominant ways of raising funds for a start-up or endeavour to attain personal goals, purchase a property, vacation, overall health emergency, and so on.


Entrepreneurs would pitch to financial institutions, potential investors, many VCs and angel investors, detailed business plans searching for financing. Too many refusals in those financial models and also a burning desire of getting out of the rat's race of the 9-to-5 were the very motivation for a change. Thanks to crowdfunding, it is all shifting.


"If you have been able to save money, which is difficult to do with middle-class wages and inflation, perhaps you have considered investing. However, for most of us, the return on investment offered by financial institutions, no matter how secure it may seem, is not a medium-term way to make a big impact on your financial situation (Unless, of course, you have a substantial initial deposit and are dealing with a high-level broker). This solution can constitute a great way to accumulate a down payment to start your project, hoping that you will generate enough sales at the beginning to keep you going. And as you know marketing is not cheap and sales are not guaranteed.


One against, the tremendous progress of the international financial model has forced the emergence of a new business model helping business owners to reach more prospects without having to spend a huge number on promotion. This new approach is multi-level marketing.


Multi Level marketing has had a significant impact on trade and marketing over the past few years. Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a strategy some direct sales organizations use to motivate vendors to advertise and sell their products/services for them in exchange for a commission on the earnings. And, recruit new vendors from whom they are paid a percentage for recruiting other sellers. Here, distributors make money through recruits ("downline") and direct sales of products and services to customers.


When Bitcoin arrived in 2008, no one could have expected the kind of impact it would make in the world of finance and trade today. A cryptocurrency (or simply crypto) is a web-based asset, which acts as a medium of exchange, however, is not controlled by any central power. Based on the concept of decentralization, cryptocurrency leverages blockchain technology, which makes it transparent and immutable. Cryptocurrency is different from conventional fiat and gold, but it is still possible to buy and sell them exactly like any asset, trade on the price movements via trading and swap them for merchandise and services. Not to mention the potential profit in its value due to the rising volatility of a lot of crypto (and digital assets_tokens) having as security increasingly more trusted firms using their blockchain within their business models. Amazon, Apple, Google to List a few.


What if all these three record-breaking business models were combined and presented under a single roof to offer users opportunities to participate and draw all their inherent benefits?


Using an innovative and ingenious mathematical formula, CPM is bringing you a greater version of it.


If you can not borrow, do not possess enough savings, people to help and have no plan B to change your financial situation, you are most likely as many people... trapped in the rat race. CPM can be for you.


If there were a solution? A well-thought process already set up for you and reachable for regular individuals to have a radical shift in their financial circumstance?


A combined solution in one formula for members Only

The CPM Solution

CPM is an exceptional platform that is gunning to change the world by using its advanced features for members to benefit.

Set out as an organization owned by its members, CPM is aiming to offer help and support to its participants to provide a secure and guaranteed return for a significant change in their financial transactions.

By combining three of the Absolute Most powerful business models, resources, and technologies- crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, and multi level marketing- CPM is about to revolutionize how people trade, transact business and raise funds for business

This is your chance to join the exclusive Crypto Pool Mirror group, a community of organized crypto visionaries that contributes and millimetrically collaborates together to assuredly produce sizable profits for each member—every time!

Introducing the CPM coin to the market.

CPM will introduce its own new innovative and unique token called CPM coin. The CPM coin is a token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain under protocol ERC 20. CPM Coin will enter the market as a Utility token legally backed by the equity of more than 100k high-growth revenue-generating startups. It will be the core of all the profitable projects built inside the CPM platform. It will be released during the pre-launch of the official CPM project. During the launch of the CPM project, the CPM coin token will be available on all the major exchangers for trading.

Yet, it will surely be a coveted asset to hold, due to the promising prospects of the meteoric growth of its collaterals at the launch of the CPM project.

Reputable names on the blockchain ecosystem admit that the token market will keep on growing by leaps and bounds. In the coming years, since fiat falls into the token market and there is certainly increased adoption of dApps, the select several top tokens will undergo enormous value growth. Consequently, token holders are going to do well to hold on to promising coins, instead of searching for rapid returns through day trading.

Actually, the buy and hold strategy hugely outperformed even the most prosperous traders. Many who have been involved in ever trading the markets previously today regret it. The new CPM coin tokens arriving in the market can help nominal holders prevent making that same mistake.

CPM supports a selection of well-curated and conceived projects built on the Ethereum blockchain. Any Ethereum lover knows the potential is virtually infinite. As projects such as the ones above grow, they will add value to Ethereum, which will then raise the capacity of all ERC20 (and its improved protocols) coins. All token holders must look into this brand-new coin; however, crypto aficionados will predict the score.

What is the CPM coin?

CPM coin enables international investors of any size to profit from the increasing value of early-stage ventures spread all around the globe. The CPM coin utility token will be legally supported by the equity of over 100k high-growth revenue generating startups. It's one of the very first security tokens on the current market and is probably the only real tokenized venture capital (VC) fund using a preselected portfolio of hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Unlike the majority of ICO who are pre-operational without earnings, 100% of the companies will obtain the funding to assist them function and will generate great earnings, product-market, and growth rapidly. CPM coin provides an investment opportunity to a comparatively wider audience than would otherwise be not able to invest in a conventional venture capital fund, especially in some specific countries.

CPM coin' will carry the performance of 100+ companies will gain strength from the collaborations of the companies brought by the members in the community and international specialists in all the major commercial sectors of the industry.

The token is lawfully bound to the BVI office that holds a proportion of equity of every startup, thus providing token holders with lesser risk than traditional ICO that aren't connected to any underlying assets.

CPM Coin is a tokenized venture capital funds holder free of lockdown period. Unlike traditional venture capital funds which request investors to be locked for years, CPM Coin token owners could exchange their holdings on the market soon as they wish.

Diversification is crucial for a wholesome investment portfolio. CPM coin opens an opportunity for cryptocurrency investors to diversify their investments within high-growth potential assets. It considers that it has the best out of both worlds: global venture capital market opportunities and access to the liquidity of digital currency markets.

Distribution and information on CPM Coin.

The Token's Name: CPM Coin

The Token's Symbol: CPM

The Token's Decimal Places:18

The Token's Total Supply: 500M

Volume distributed as Bonus: 100M

Airdrop supply: 10M

Starting value: 0.00002 ETH

*Total Supply for the Project: 500M

*Initial Supply during Pre-launch: 110M

Becoming a Member for 0,02 ETH and get 1000 CPM coin FREE

Advantages of buying the CPM coin token?

Several projects running on the Ethereum network gained value from its particular purpose, which extends beyond the inherent value that the typical coins rely mostly on. Considering that CPM is the blend of hundreds of thousands of projects in one spot, it's similar to having a portfolio of numerous funds within one token. Each token will represent an amalgam of shares of several societies in various Industries, spread globally.

When you trade the CPM coins token, you also trade all those companies' shares at the same time.

One of the significant advantages of owning CPM coin tokens is that all the CPM' members are contributing to its value with the success and achievement of their projects.

Secondly, the token is endorsed by numerous projects that even if few projects have fewer good benefits, the others will nevertheless help preserve its value or increase it.         

Third, for the investors, it will allow them to invest in multiple sectors of businesses without having to master all of them. The CPM project itself will constitute 50% of the token's worth and stabilize its growth on account of the advantages given to the community and join services supplied via its expansion.


The brand value in the industry is very likely to stem from partnerships with other players in the ecosystem, as banks catch up with their overdue transition into technologies. Offering international traders, the ability to conduct business and get payment through this blockchain technology will considerably alleviate the dearth of trust and security surrounding conventional payment options like PayPal, credit cards and other offers.

Countless millions of users will negotiate and trade business by exchanging currencies over the world wide web as fast as they are texting.

Blockchain will do to corporations and financial operations exactly what the world wide web has done to knowledge. The use of distributed ledger technology enables our token to improve its efficiency and the processing of transaction regulation, which will impact equilibrium and boost its value in the market.

The diversity of businesses and partnerships distributed worldwide as well as the commercial exchange made from the CPM projects will allow initial investors to guarantee substantial yields in the medium and long term.

Token Increasing Value Model

How the Value Of the Token Is Distribute:

Although CPM Coin is an utility token its certainly don’t ack like it. Combining the collateral of hundred of Thousand IPOs, it will also acted as a “security token”. 

Yet, it will surely be a coveted asset to hold, due to the promising prospects of the meteoric growth of its collaterals at the launch of the CPM project.

Why we choose Ethereum blockchain?

Opting to create our token on Ethereum proved to be a well-thought choice. The Ethereum blockchain has now established itself as a pioneer for this sort of usage which is supported by over 200,000 tokens created so far. This supremacy is principally owing to its longevity, as it had been the first blockchain to propose decentralized applications and smart contracts.

The attractiveness of Ethereum is caused by the many advantages it offers_ The capacity to produce a variety of types of decentralized applications.

  • It is the 2nd most traded and popular cryptocurrency globally, together with 115M trades in flow every day.

  • It is among the only 3 cryptocurrencies listed on the stock market and now has its own funds.

  • Other newer blockchain could seem faster and more affordable, however, they might be quite challenging to maintain in the long run if they don't really have significant players or operating their projects on them. This is particularly frightening for projects that run on a blockchain they do not control. The cryptocurrency Ethereum is utilized by leading corporations, which assures its stability in the long term.

Many will state that the gas fees are too expensive, and the transaction delay is significantly slower throughout its transition to Ethereum 2.0. But we believe that our loyalty and patience to its upgrade will pay off.

The Advent of cryptocurrency has virtually changed how people conduct business. According to the market predictions, by 2027, 10% of the global GDP is going to be stored on the blockchain network. Nowadays several blockchain' businesses have transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars and worth billions of dollars. Decentralized micro-payment technologies are changing the business design of currency transfers. It's helped lower the costs of financial services such as bank cards, remittances and currency transfers.

With the hundreds of thousands of projects, the CPM enables projects to see the light of the day; it was simply a natural and logical strategy to present our token on the Ethereum platform.

How can you earn yourself CPM tokens right now?

Once released in the current market, the token will be distributed as rewards incentives through the newest adherents to the membership program of the CPM project, during the pre-launch period only. Even though, Non-members and Visionaries "crypto lovers" will not be left behind since they will be in a position to acquire it via airdrop promotions or simply by purchasing them on our ICO site or different exchangers like Binance, Coinbase, Coingecko, Trust WalletPancakesswap and much more...

Why should you become a CPM member?

Crypto Pool Mirror, also known as CPM, is a project that brings together people who want to make their money multiply and matter more. CPM is innovative in the way that it combines strategies that are already successful in a synergistic manner. We are aiming to create a privileged community - with a maximum of 63 members to a Pool

and 110 000 members in total. This limit ensures that we stand in stark contrast to the infinite-loop traps that make you work non-stop - or even the conventional pyramid scheme setup. Our initiative is using crowdfunding from the likes of you to generate funding for everyone’s project.

By pooling our money together, we get access to powerful multiplier financial instruments - instruments that allow us to compete in the big leagues. It is leverage optimized to generate funds for the CPM community. This is why we are looking for people who have a commercial or/and personal project, that need funding, support and expertise of the collective to join the community. 

During the pre-launch, all they will have to do is to reserve their place as a member and pay their membership. When the project is launched, with a small contribution they will be able to join a program specially designed to get them where they want to go. Our algorithm will make them money and as a collective, we will get the foot up we need. You can watch the webinar to know more about the membership and CPM program here.

What are the advantages of becoming a CPM Member?

Access to innovative, predetermined and guaranteed funding for your project

The complete Trading platform at your disposal Private wallet to buy, receive and hold your crypto and transfer it in any bank of your choice all around the world, Crowdfunding-Market platform to showcase your project and see others IPO investment opportunities before being released to the general public.

Professional advisor, lawyers, taxman, accountant specialized in crypto much, much more 


During your registration, 3 packages will be proposed to you. The packages chosen will determine the contribution you accept to make only when the project launch and the returns you will receive in a predetermined period.  The funds received are the result of the return gain from the contributions of the collective to your project and will never have to be refunded. For the return received, you will have to release 5% of your project shares to back the token. Since all the contributions will be paid in CPM coin, with the progression of all projects it value will increase and profit you twice. The CPM coin can be converted in any currencies. For each contribution to a package, you will receive its value in the CPM coin as a bonus. 

We expected a returns, for each members of at less 1M$ for the pool duration (maximum 3 year). This expectation is a average for the three packages. Since we are trading on programs that open and close, We will be able to predict the outcome only when the CPM program will start according to the trading program available at that time. That is why only a minimum guaranteed return is reveal to the members like shown on the previous tables.  The funds received are the result of the leverage obtain from the contributions of the collective to your project and will never have to be refunded. For the return received, you will have to release 5% of your project shares to back the token. Since all the contributions will be paid in CPM coin, with the progression of all projects it value will increase and profit you twice. The CPM coin can be converted in any currencies. For each contribution to a package, you will receive CPM coin as a bonus. 

Pool Milestones

1.Payment of your selected Package

2.Additional packages added + Payment

3.Receiving CPM Coin's Bonus

4.KYC Process_Sending your documentation

5.Establishment of Pools and members' positioning

6.Starting of Pool's Returns_ Notifications Receiving


The CPM system is new, and it will have an impressive achievement. The platform connects financial service providers globally, allowing users to get a secure and guaranteed return for a significant change in their financial situation by leveraging innovative mathematical formulas to succeed where all have failed.

The possibility to receive deposits regularly directly into your wallet. You gain from every single contribution made by every single member in your pool. 

We are looking for people worldwide who have a project that needs funding to merge from the ashes. Unlike the traditional system, CPM will only need a predetermined number of people to start. After this number is reached worldwide, it will close its door, and only registered members will access the program. And your CPM coin earned will gain value.

You can expect offers like this to have limited spaces. Join the global team of innovative individuals and build a portfolio inside this new life-changing project and realize your project. This is a one-lifetime opportunity. Reserve your place during the pre-launch.


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